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Did you know that several of our carpoolers do the same commute as you every day? Why don’t you contact them and enjoy all the benefits from carpooling?  

Driving alone is expensive and boring: end it now! Register today!

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With whom can I carpool?

Register your personal details and enter your ride. Let the website search for you your ideal carpool partner(s). Get in touch, pick your favorite match and enjoy the ride!

Carpooling ? So many benefits!

Even if you carpool only once a week, you will already feel a difference:

  • You save hundreds of euros!
  • You reduce your ecological footprint and the traffic jams
  • You get to know your colleagues
  • You can finally relax: you are not the driver every time !

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MyMobiCalendar: on the way to fiscal exemption!

Declare your carpooling on MyMobiCalendar and obtain a fiscal exemption! There are only 3 simple conditions to benefit from it:

  1. That you receive a travel allowance from your employer: you can only exempt the amount you actually receive!
  2. Be registered on https://spw.carpool.be
  3. Fill out MyMobiCalendar when you carpool

At the end of the year, you receive a tax certificate that indicates what amount you can deduct from your tax.


You still have questions? Contact your mobility coordinator.

marie.verstraete@spw.wallonie.be 081/77.31.33

We will gladly help you improve your mobility!